Photo by T.J. Breshears on Unsplash
Photo by T.J. Breshears on Unsplash

One of the best reasons I LOVE living in the Tri-Cities is for the fresh watermelons available. I NEVER knew that Hermiston is so well-known for it. Every summer, I look forward to getting one.

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A couple of weeks ago, one arrived at my doorstep, literally. Oscar and Sebastian had a deal that was too good to pass up.

The other day my husband brought home the biggest blackberries I've ever seen. I know that he purchased them at the roadside stand around the corner from our home.

I took them to work with me the next day and paired those delicious blackberries with oatmeal and yogurt. What a delicious snack! I knew I had to get more. and, I did on Friday. After googling recipes I've decided I'm going to prepare a delicious cobbler. That is if they last.

So, it's not really my recipe. It's Betty Crocker's, and it is so good!

I picked up a few other items, including the biggest cantaloupe I've ever seen. My husband asked the clerk if we had a good one. She told us we made a great choice and that it would be "ready to enjoy today." Well, we waited a day later, and it is the MOST DELICIOUS cantaloupe I've ever had. Score!

Local Roadside Produce is the BEST

Talk about buying local. How much more local can you get than the produce stand on your town's Main street? Maybe you stop on the highway leading into the next town over. There's nothing better than a fresh cantaloupe! So juicy!

The best thing about all this fresh produce is that we're supporting LOCAL people. I know times are tough. I feel better when my dollars are supporting local businesses. It's a tough time right now. I'm thankful I can shop at the fruit stand around the corner.

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