Many people hate April Fools Day because so many pranks are either mean or require clean up. How about the Nail-a-Nickle's harmless and hilarious to watch people try to pick up the nickle that's nailed to a wooden floor (like outside deck)!  When I was a kid, I ordered all my pranks from a company called Johnson Smith. Today that company is knows as Things You Never Knew Existed. You may have seen one of their catalogs but if not, every thing is online of course! Like the coffee cup that has a plastic cigarette butt glued to the bottom...they don't notice it until they already drank from it! There's the Sack Of Sh*t for sale if you's various shapes and sizes of fake dog poo! Then there's the ever popular Whoopie Cushion, or go high tech with the remote control fart machine!

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