Having neck and back issues, I have forever searched for that perfect pillow. From the gel filled, cooling, neck support pillows to the goose down pillows and everything in-between, I have tried them all!!

I have seen the infomercial for the My Pillow literally for YEARS and decided to research it a little. The reviews were very conflicting, people either LOVED it or HATED it! The bad reviews were pretty bad actually, saying that it was just a bunch of ripped up foam thrown into a pillowcase! However, the good reviews were tremendous! Life changing for some!

So I decided to try it, I had nothing to lose because if I hated it apparently I could have returned it for my full money back! I ordered my first My Pillow about a year ago and I would say it has definitely been life changing for me, I LOVE My Pillow! I just bought my THIRD My Pillow just to have! I cannot even imagine sleeping on anything but it! In my opinion the My Pillow is worth every penny and you might not even realize what you are missing out! Check one out today! Tell them Janis sent you!!


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