My wife and I must've talked about this for half an hour last night, and wondered what the scenarios are for this missing girl.

Initially, she was reported missing and that always brings a horrific thought to my mind: child predator. But, as noted in our initial post, this little girl DID have contact with her family, but remained missing. Was she allowed contact by her captor? Is she a runaway staying with a friend? Did she use her cell phone to call or did it come from an unknown number? So many different scenarios on a case like this and while I realize the police need to withhold information from the public for various reasons, I hope we find out what happened here. Not just because I'm nosey, but I have $5 riding on a bet with my wife. :-O Thankfully, she is back home with family, and I hope that's where she feels safe and happy.

***Missing Person Located***

Jordan has been located and is now in police custody. Arrangements are being made for her...

Posted by Kennewick Police Department on Sunday, December 27, 2020


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