Do you play the lottery?  We have two chances to strike it rich by playing the numbers. Tonight's  (Tuesday, 12/29) Mega Millions jackpot is worth approximately 376-million-dollars.  The cash option is about 287-and-a-half million.

If you don't get lucky on the Mega Millions lotto, you can always play Wednesday's Powerball lotto.  There's 363-million up for grabs in that jackpot.  The cash option is just over 279-million.

Both lottery jackpots have been growing for weeks because no one has claimed either prize by matching the winning six numbers.  You can purchase tickets up to an hour before the drawings.

I only play the two major lotteries when I hear the jackpots are rather large.  Other than that, I rarely play the numbers.  And, I was always a bit intimidated by filling out the sheet to pick my own numbers.  Often times, I'll just do the "quick-pick" option to save time.


I am a fan of scratch-off tickets, but, not the crossword or Bingo versions.  They're too time-consuming for me.  And, I give myself a limit. Several months ago, I purchased $20 worth of simple scratch-off tickets. I keep playing with the winnings, purchasing more tickets, with what's left.  I currently have $8.00 in winnings.  Normally, I would purchase more scratch-off tickets.  However, since the Mega Millions and Powerball jackpots have grown, and will probably grow even larger, due to all the publicity and more people purchasing tickets, I AM spending my $8.00 on the Mega Millions and Powerball lottos.

And, I AM selecting my own chosen numbers.  Now, what if I win?

If YOU win, what will be your first purchase?  Let us know on our app.

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