An Oregon man who had forgotten about his lottery ticket is now a Millionaire!

Chris Sargent had put the lottery ticket in his wallet and forgot that he had it and didn't check his numbers until a month later but when he did, he discovered he'd won millions.

Sargent was shocked to discover that his ticket was worth $5.7 Million!

Sargent along with his wife had forgotten about the ticket and on a whim, he decided to check the ticket and discovered that they were winners!

The Mega Millions ticket was sold in Salem Oregon at the Plaid Pantry on August 24th and the Sargent's simply put the ticket in Chris's wallet unaware it was a million-dollar winner.

The best part of the story is that Sargent hid his ticket in a baggie behind his Incredible Hulk action figure!

The Sargent's claimed their ticket on September 29th and both decided on the $64,000 per year payout to each of them for 30 years.

I keep thinking what if they accidentally washed the wallet, congratulations to the Sargents, and what a great story and win.

It's a reminder to always check your lottery tickets because you never know, you might be a millionaire as well - You can check out more details on the winning ticket here.

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