Ronald Williams of Hermiston purchased a Special Keno 8-Spot ticket with the added Bulls-Eye option during a quick pit stop at the Crossroads Truck Stop in Umatilla. Williams, who owns a trucking company, hit it big twice and won $118,031.80.

state lottery
state lottery

Turns out, he not only matched the eight numbers on his quick pick ticket to win a $53,031.80 rolling bonus, but also matched the Bulls-Eye number increasing his already nice win by $40,000. Williams was the first person to win the top 8-spot Bulls-Eye prize this year

"I bought the ticket, got home, took a nap and then checked the numbers with my computer," Williams said. "I am no computer wizard, but I was able to figure it out and checked it about eight times. I wanted to make sure I saw it right."

Williams said originally he thought he won the Keno 8-Spot and the rolling jackpot, but didn't know about the Bulls-Eye win.

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