Winter is just around the corner and a local horse rescue ranch is in need of supplies. Jazlynn is just 17 years old and has so much heart and soul when it comes to rescuing horses. However, it is not a free hobby and she needs help from our community. Here is Jazlynns story, written by her mother Melissa. If you would like to donate you can click HERE.

Hello I would like to start this page by telling you how Rancher’s Daughter Horse Rescue got started.

This was all started from the love of a 13 year old girl. My daughter Jazlynn has always had a love for horses since birth. The first day home from the hospital her dad had her on a horse! Well her dad died when she was just 2 months old and her mom had to sell the horse ranch in order to make it with 5 young children. Jazlynn was able to still have time and training on horses from her Aunt in the summers.

When she was 13 she was able to have a horse to use for 4-H. Then she earned her own money and rescued a couple of local Orphan Foal Mustangs. That’s when it really started. The idea of saving a horse really meant a lot to her. Her dream from then on was to have her own horse rescue. Soon after that they were able to purchase a great home on land and all set up for horses. Jazlynn’s dream has since then become a reality. She is now 17, graduated high school a full year early, headed to college to be a Vet Tech here locally and is running her very own small scale horse rescue.

She has purchased herself over 20 rescue horses. Some she has rehabilitated, re trained and re homed. Some will always be with us here on the ranch because they are very special. She is known to take the ones that may never have a chance at rehoming due to scars and or wounds that would cause others to not want them.

There are currently 10 rescues on our property and some are ready for new homes. One is now a super star. He is the model for Unicorn photo shoots that have been very popular. One side of his face is disfigured due to a kick when he was younger. Jazlynn had heard that he was going to be put down by the family and that she could take him for the cost of tests to take him over state lines. He had never been ridden and he was only 5 and had just been gelded. He has turned out to be the biggest love and perfect for photo shoots.

Jazlynn plans to continue to run the rescue with the help of her mother and hope to see you all follow some of their stories.

It is unbelievable the amount of love and compassion this girl has for horses. Her patience never ceases to amaze me.

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