Meet Therrapin, he is a 18 to 20 year old ranch horse, currently living at the Rebel Equine Feedlot. If he does not find a forever home by Friday he will be sent off to the slaughter house.

Melissa Markle Burk

Help us save Therrapin! Rancher's Daughter Horse Rescue in Benton City is on a rescue mission to purchase him and get the medical attention he needs. They want to be able to give him the home, love, rehabilitation and care he deserves, including Vet visits and the farrier visit he so badly requires. But they need help from the community in order to pull this off in just a few short days. If you would like to help by donating you can click the button below. Or if you have questions you can click Rancher's Daughter Horse Rescue to send them a message. Thanks for your consideration and we will keep you updated.


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