A Local pet rehabilitation center which rescues orphaned wild life needs help this year to feed hundreds of baby owls.


Blue Mountain Rehabilitation and Education Center located in Benton City have be inundated with hundreds of orphaned bay barn owls.

Here's more about the situation and how you can help...

As a result of our mild winter, there is a huge rodent population. Barn Owls have responded by nesting early. One of their favorite places to nest are haystacks. For some reason, hay companies are selling their hay earlier this year. The result is a huge number of homeless baby owls.

 229 Baby Owls and Counting!!!!

There have been so many baby owls in such a short period of time, that for the first time in 13 years, we have filled up all the nest boxes and have added six more and still have owls waiting for a new home. Thankfully, Home Depot is generously discounting materials, precutting the lumber for more boxes, and some of their employees are helping with construction.

We need your help to feed the hungry owls...

Help if you can, the owls will pay you back by eating pesky rodents!!

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