A late Tuesday afternoon email sent by KSD Superintendent Traci Pierce has many thinking perhaps the flood of phone calls, emails, and student-parent protests may have gotten the attention of the Kennewick School Board.

Pierce sent the email for parents who subscribe to updates from the District, as well as media outlets.

The email read in part:

"...the board would like the community to know they will be re-evaluating the timeline for implementing hybrid learning for middle and high school during the Nov. 18 board meeting."

Pierce said she had been in contact with the school board, including President Dawn Aadams. Pierce said the District is addressing the issues two of the board members were claiming behind their reasons for voting to postpone until Feb. 2.

Pierce said a 3rd party safety assessment is being done to ensure students will be protected and the district is developing a modified hybrid AA-BB model that will still have students in class two days a week, but apparently reducing the number of class changes students have each day.

It is also possible the recent rapid spread of a Change.org petition calling for the immediate resignation of the board members who voted to delay: Diane Sundvik, Ron Mabry and President Adams.

More information expected to be released in the coming days.


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