On the eve of the Kennewick School Board meeting to 're-evaluate' it's Oct. 21 decision to delay MS and HS students until February, another student led march in downtown Kennewick took place. It began at Lampson Stadium, then went down 4th Ave. to the KSD Admin building.

The march, organized by the Student Community Coalition for Tri-Cities, these students have staged a variety of marches around Kennewick, Richland and Pasco, demanding the school boards at least launch hybrid education, which would allow students at least a couple of days a week in school.

Tonight, the KSD plans to re-evaluate their shocking 3-2 vote to delay. The District was set to return MS and HS students November 2, but then several of the members shot that down with a re-vote. The response was swift and angry from students and the public.   There are two separate legal actions now taking place vs. the District, including a recall effort to eject the three members who voted to delay to February.

As seen in this image, in person quality education means enough to a student that she showed up despite being on crutches. The student is Jilessa Simmons. She's been a part of all the recent student marches, despite being less than ideally ambulatory.

 The board meeting will be taking place at 5:30PM via Zoom presumably. However, no information listed on KSD Site about how anyone can join in.

We will provide what updates we can following their meeting.

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