Gov. Inslee held a press conference Thursday afternoon, largely devoted to vaccines and education; and a brief mention of the Federal Disaster Declaration for Malden, Whitman County and other wildfire areas destroyed last Labor Day.

Inslee didn't miss a chance at a pot shot at President Trump's Administration, claiming the request for Federal Disaster funding was made last fall, and it was a "shame" it didn't happen sooner.

So far, Inslee says the state has vaccinated 770,000 persons, an average of 28K a day. That is twice the rate of about two weeks ago. He said the state will be spending a total of $13.5 million through the end of the year for communications aimed at informing communities of color about the need to get vaccinated. They have and will continue to be distributed in 41 languages, he said.

He also briefly addressed the allegations of provider preference when it comes to vaccinations. There have been some reports of medical providers using "preference' instead of the state's system of vaccinating elderly persons first. Inslee threatened to "reduce doses" to those providers if they continue this practice of preference.

Most of the rest of the conference was devoted to educational return of students to schools. There was a map displayed during the conference showing areas where elementary students have returned to either full or some sort of hybrid in-person class. That was portrayed by the light blue on the map. The dark blue areas (including most of King County) show were students are still distance learning and schools are closed.

Light blue-fulltime or hybrid learning for elementary. Dark Blue--schools still closed, remote learning (TVW)
Light blue-fulltime or hybrid learning for elementary. Dark Blue--schools still closed, remote learning (TVW)

The yellow areas, according to Inslee, are areas that have not yet reported updated information.

Inslee quoted data from the CDC, he says latest information claims students are "safer in the classroom than they are out on the streets" when it comes to the spread of COVID.

There was, for the second press conference in a row dating back at least ten days, no mention of any business-economic relief.

To see the press conference video, click on the button below.

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