I had the pleasure of meeting with the wife of a long time KORD listener on Friday!  "Bud" had enlisted my help to give his wife Jean a Mother's Day Gift of a horse ride along the river. 

Jean rode horses as a kid and had dreamed of doing it again.

During our St. Jude Radiothon, Bud was willing to donate a large sum of money if I would agree to take her.

I was thrilled at the opportunity and would have been happy to take her regardless of any donation. 

 Bud,  assured me that his 78 year old lovely wife was spry and physically able to ride with me along the river on horseback.

I always enjoy a good ride with a friend so I was eager to meet Jean and have her join me.

I did however think it might be a good idea to have Jean sign a liablility "release"  in case of injury or accident.

That was apparently no problem and to insure Jean was fit as a fiddle...Bud also provided me with Jean's Stool Sample! 

 We had a fun time and Jean was all of the wonderful things that her husband Bud said she was! She was fun, energetic and a very good rider!

We ended the day eating at the Beautiful Burbank Tavern and my boyfriend Tony broke out his guitar and he and I did an impromptu concert on the patio! 

The group at the tavern were so much fun! Ernie, Stan, Anita, Tammy, and so many others who joined in with singing and dancing on the patio!

My dog Crystal was even allowed to join us! So thank you Rich! 

We all had a wonderful time! Thank you Bud & Jean and everyone at the Burbank Tavern! We always have so much fun when we go to Burbank! What a wonderful bunch of people who always make us feel right at home!