When I think of pre-school kids, I see little ones who are looking around, laughing, and not really paying attention to their teacher for the most part, because they are kids. God gave all kids the attention span of  wood cutting board. That's why this article caught my eye, it said if your pre-school child is moody, impulsive or restless, they could grow up to have a gambling problem. Wait, what? In the latest journal "Phychological Science", children who were more restless, inattentive, and oppositional than other three year-olds,  were twice as likely to have problems later on in life. Come on show me a three year old who isn't a little moody, or has a problem sitting still for a long period of time, especially during dinner. If a kid sees a toy or a book they want, the impulse is to get to it as fast as you can before another kid does, that's the way kids are wired. You want oppositional, tell a three year old it's time for bed and they need to get into their pajamas, or turn off Sprout and come take a bath. People who are far smarter than myself research and write these articles, but every now and again I have to stand up and say something, like let the kids be kids and raise them the best that you can. Just because your child seems a little inattentive, maybe they would rather do something by them selves, like read a book, and that doesn't mean they're going to grow up and burn down video gaming stores. If the researchers are so smart, why don't they spend some time with the jack asses responsible for the high gas prices? Or figure out why they think it's OK to screw the American public every chance they get, and find out how much money it takes to finally feel like enough is enough. Now I'll read that article.

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