The makers of Country Time Lemonade are bailing out kids lemonade stands across the nation and your kids can share it part of the bail-out money.

It's summertime and I always love seeing kids and their lemonade stands pop up all around the Tri-Cities but with COVID-19 and being in Phase 1.5, some kids aren't going to be able to have their lemonade stands this year for extra money.

It's Country Time Lemonade to the rescue.

They are offering up "bail-out" money and your kids can participate in their "bail-out" program.

Here is what they need to do to get their share of the cash. It's called the "Littlest Bail-Out" and you can apply online right here.

Country Time Lemonade will give $100 checks to kids who can't run their lemonade stands this year.

To apply, children under 14 have to write an essay about how they would spend the money and submit a photo of the lemonade stand sign they would have used.

The company will stop taking applications on August 12, 2020.
You can check out more details and apply here. and don't forget to stay cool this summer.
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