After a marathon special meeting Wednesday evening the Kennewick School Board voted 4-0 to delay school for elementary, middle and high school students. The session began with comments from citizens around 5:30PM and didn't end until after 9PM.

The board approved a hybrid staggered approach, with Special Education and IEP students starting Monday Oct. 12,  IEP are individualized education plan or special needs at risk students.

Then Grades 1-5 will begin Oct. 19 then according to the vote, Middle and High School Nov. 2.

This is a similar approach to Finley, where they are starting Oct 5 with kindergarten, then staggering elementary, MS and HS ending with a final start day of Nov. 2.

The hybrid A B grouping remains.  Students will be divided into two groups. A will attend Mon-Tues, while B goes Thursday Friday with Wednesdays online for all, and school cleanings on those days.

Additional details expected soon.  Judging from the online reactions of parents who logged into the meeting via Zoom, this vote is being met with considerable resistance, frustration and anger.

According to sources the KSD Superintendent Dr. Pierce favored this approach to allow teachers to get ready for in person with students.  Sources also say at least one member of the school board consistently has been fighting against opening up for in person education.

Sources also say some teachers have been resistant to the in class re open plan.

Based upon the ""Safe Start" plan on the KSD website, this would be Phase 2.0.


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