The Kennewick Police Department is asking for the public's help to locate a child who was abducted 18 years ago.

On February 4th, 2003, one day before her 5th birthday, Sofia Juarez was taken sometime between 8 pm and 9:15 pm, as she walked along the 100 block of East 15th Avenue toward South Washington Street.

Kennewick Police have developed a web page devoted to finding Sofia and bringing her home.

At the time of Sofia's disappearance, she was living at home with her mother, grandmother, and several relatives. Sadly, Sofia's mother passed away not knowing what happened to her daughter.

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An update on the website last month revealed:

On February 4, 2021, the 18th anniversary of Sofia’s disappearance, the Washington State Patrol’s Homeward Bound Program unveiled semi-trailer rigs that will drive throughout the country with images of Sofia emblazoned on the sides of their trailers.

The WSP collaborated with Kam-Way Transportation to make this a possibility. In other cases, the Homeward Bound Program has succeeded in generating new leads by displaying the images of missing children on semi-trailers.

These rolling billboards travel across the West Coast and into Canada and Mexico. Sofia is currently one of five children featured in the program.

Credit: Kennewick Police Department.
Credit: Kennewick Police Department.

The website features sections with updates on Sofia's investigation, leaving a tip, and how you can help.

If you have any information about the abduction of Sofia Juarez, contact:

Special Investigator Al Wehner

Direct line: 509-582-1331

Emergency Dispatch: 509-628-0333

Kennewick Police Department

211 W. 6th Avenue

Kennewick, WA 99336

You can view the web page here.

Let's bring 23-year old Sofia Juarez home.

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