Do you know the old adage if the shoe fits? It seems some good old-fashioned common sense and detective work helped the Kennewick Police capture a home burglary suspect over the weekend.

Kennewick Police posted the incident on their Facebook page and the suspect is now behind bars. KPD filed these details and this report on the burglary attempt gone wrong:

On 2/28/21 at approximately 1:50 AM, officers were dispatched to a suspicious activity call in the 6000 block of W 4th Ave in Kennewick. The homeowner reported a loud noise and was unsure if someone entered their residence. Upon arrival, the officer found the front door kicked in. During the investigation, 37-year-old Victor Diaz was contacted in the area and placed under arrest for the alleged burglary.

Kennewick Police posted photos on their Facebook page of the suspect's shoe and amazingly you can see the suspect's shoe print matches perfectly with the broken door and broken lock.

Kennewick Police Department
Kennewick Police Department
Kennewick Police Department

I've been binge-watching Monk lately and this case plays out exactly like an episode of that TV series.

The footprint matches the door print left by the suspect.

You can see from the photos that they line up and match up with the door and the shoe.

Diaz was taken into custody and is now facing arraignment on burglary charges.

It's another lesson for criminals to understand that the Kennewick Police are going to investigate the evidence and arrest the suspect especially when the evidence glaringly points to "If the shoe fits".

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