We have some fantastic talent in the Tri-Cities and chasing the dream to be a star has become a reality for some including Benton City's James Otto...could it also happen for Burbank rising star, Kate Turner?!

You may have read about her recently in the Tri City Herald, Kate Turner, who grew up locally in the Tri-Cities is currently in the process of recording her debut album. Backed by some of the best musicians in the Northwest, Kate is already grabbing the attention of fans all over with her fresh and original country music. You can check out footage below of Kate performing at Cedars Restaurant and Lounge earlier this month, and her new music video for her first single 'Baby No'. Plus, use the SoundCloud player below to listen to some of Kate's music.

Kate will be performing at Tagaris Taverna in Richland this Saturday, October 1st as part of their 2011 Concert Series. This is a great opportunity for you to meet Kate, hear her music live, and be able to say, 'I knew her when...'

Here is the interview with Kate Turner with Faith & Bear and the Morning Brew on KORD this morning Friday Sept 30.

Here is a video of Kate performing her original song 'Kentucky' at Cedars in Kennewick

This is the official video for her first single, 'Baby No'. Produced by Chase Thompson of Pasco.

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