We have been watching this young man grow up into a country artist right before our eyes. So last fall I hooked up Cale Moon with an opportunity to meet an old friend of mine. I thought it would be cool to meet some people in Nashville and maybe get a tour.

Little did I know about what was about to happen. Cale had a chance to play with a bunch of A List musicians, record 10 tracks in Nashville and now possibly get a record deal!

Today was a red letter day for me as I had the privilege of playing 2 of those tracks that were recorded in Nashville.

You can hear my interview with Cale and the song that Cale has picked as his first single. It is a song that he wrote called Cheyenne.

Check out Cale's Website as his music continues to grow and evolve. Also Cale is playing at the Watershed Country Music festival at The Gorge August 3rd.


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