If this all seems familiar, it's because, in a way, it is.

Despite reaching 70% vaccine status statewide, and being told by govt. officials those with vaccines don't need to wear a mask etc. now we're back there again.

Whether you've been vaccinated or not, Gov. Inslee and the DOH mandated masks return Monday, August 23rd. Officials also have walked back their statements about vaccine effectiveness, now saying especially with the Delta variant, that vaccinated persons can still carry and spread it.

So, with the state falling back on its mask 'crutch,' many citizens wonder if law enforcement will be utilized to enforce it.

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Not as far as County Sheriff's go.  Benton County released this statement about the matter:

"To be very clear, The Benton County Sheriff’s Office will not be taking any enforcement action against any citizen, visitor, business, church, or any other individual, group or organization in any way for not following the Governor’s mandate. This office encourages people to wear their masks, but it is ultimately a personal choice every one of you will have to make.
All of you have been impacted one way or another and as a community we must face this together. We encourage everyone to understand how this impacts local businesses and individuals and encourage everyone to work together through these challenging times."
    Other Sheriffs around the region and state are echoing similar statements. No idea how long we will be stuck with this latest mask mandate.

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