Everyone is excited for the Benton Franklin County Fair and Rodeo - It really is the "Best Week Of Summer" around the Columbia Basin. The good news is that the fair is a go for 2021 but there have been some late-minute changes to the requirements if you are attending the fair this year.

What Will The Mask Requirement Be At The Benton Franklin Fair and Rodeo?

I reached out to Lori Lancaster at the fair and she provided me with new information concerning face masks that will be required at this year's Benton Franklin Fair and Rodeo.

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Up until Inslee's press conference a few days ago, the Fair was following the CDC's recommended guidelines encouraging non-vaccinated fairgoers to mask up but vaccinated people didn't have to wear masks.

When Does The New Mask Mandate Start?

The new mask mandate starts August 23rd meaning that masks will be required inside buildings for non-vaccinated and vaccinated which includes fair buildings.

Will I Have To Mask Up At The Concerts?

The Washington State Health Department is recommending that people mask up outdoors especially in a fair setting.

How Do I Get A Mask If I Don't Have One?

The Benton Franklin Fair and Rodeo will have free masks at the entrances of the fair and also will be offering a free fair ticket in exchange for a free COVID-19 vaccination.

How Do I Get My Free Fair Ticket?

The free vaccinations will be offered right outside the fair's main entrance.

Lori Lancaster recommends that patrons self-assess themselves and stay home if they believe they're sick and contagious.

You can read more about the CDC recommendations here.

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