Today is the day that Tri-Cities shifts into Phase 1.5 and some of your local drive-thrus are now requiring masks to be worn picking up your drive-thru order at the window.

A state-wide masks mandate goes into effect July 7th and now it looks like the mandate will now require masks for restaurants with drive-thru.

A few businesses are already ahead of the curve and have been posting statements on their Facebook pages:

Just Joel's posted this video message for his customers over the weekend

Our friends at Tumbleweed's posted this message asking customers to mask up:

Tumbleweed's owner Keith Moon posted this statement:

I’d like to ask that everyone wear a mask while conducting business with Tumbleweeds please when you come in the store to place a to-go order, or through the drive-thru.
If you have a health condition that prevents you from wearing a mask but still need your Tumbleweeds fix, please call us to make accommodations, and I will personally set up a delivery option for you.

I went to the 27th Ave Mini-Mart earlier this morning to grab a Pepsi and it was the first I'd seen them post wear the mask sign so places you normally frequent will now be asking you to mask up.

I'd keep some extra masks in the car just in case. If you want to learn more about the mandate, click here for more details.

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