WA state residents perhaps dodged a bullet Wednesday when Gov. Inslee and other officials announced while they recommend vaccinated people wear a mask, it's not a mandate.

However, Inslee did say all staff and students at K-12 public schools will have to wear them this fall.

Inslee, in his press conference, said in part:

"Children under 12 aren’t eligible for the vaccine, and we’ve also seen this delta variant poses a greater risk to younger people than previous COVID strains,"..

He also said his decisions mirror the new CDC guidelines. Repeating the same theme we've heard for over a year, Inslee again used phrases like "We have to remain vigilant ... and we know we have to take action," he claimed new case rates are going up dramatically.

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He also claimed the new Delta variant is the culprit, again echoing the latest CDC information.

He said the mask mandate for K-12 public schools is the state law, and said in part:

"This is state law and not following this will mean schools are not following the law. This is a legal requirement, not up to the option of the local jurisdictions."

The CDC this week went against previous claims that vaccinated persons do not have to wear masks, and said now they think they should--even if fully vaccinated.

Gov. Inslee also did not address or discuss the issue of students who are 16 and older who may have already been vaccinated and might not have to wear a mask. That was not brought up during his press conference.


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