There are a lot of reasons why this happened, but the end result is Washington state residents are now going to be facing the biggest collection of tax increases in state history, according to some.

The legislature went on a spending spree, and when it was done, about $25.3 billion dollars in new taxes were passed. Here's a look at what they are, and what they will cost taxpayers over the next ten years (from Washington State Senate Republican Committee):

"$8,930,000,000 in payroll taxes

$8,661,000,000 in property taxes

$3,009,000,000 in business taxes

$1,884,000,000 in real estate taxes

$1,089,000,000 in bank taxes

$1,075,000,000 for the environment

$368,000,000 on investment services

$327,000,000 on non-residents

$32,000,000 on travel agents

All those new taxes were after we had a $2.8 billion-dollar surplus with no need to raise taxes at all."

The $25 plus billion reflects 'new' spending over the next decade. Regardless of who you vote for, this could serve as a motivator to become more active in your state government. Unless you like paying more taxes. Remember these figures the next time that voters pamphlet comes in the mail, and who the legislators were that sponsored and pushed for these taxes. Just sayin!


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