Some say the economy is bad. Some say they can barely make ends meet! But, get to the Columbia Center Mall or Costco on any day, and it's usually PACKED!

I was in Costco a few nights ago..and it was amazing how much cool stuff is in there to purchase! Wow! I barely left with any money in my bank account! And I was just shopping for groceries! I just paid off my credit my card, so I'm on a STRICT budget and vowing never to have a balance on my credit card again! (So hard though!)

But YOU came through for online retailers on Cyber Monday, America, big time.

Research firm ComScore Inc. announced Wednesday that sales Monday were around $1.46 billion, a 17 percent boost from the $1.25 billion recorded a year earlier.

In fact, during the first 26 days of the holiday season that officially began November 1, retail e-commerce spending was an eye-popping $16.4 billion or 16 percent more than the same period in 2011.

It's believed that after all is said and spent, sales online will reach an historic $43.4 billion, which will account for about a tenth of all retail spending in the U.S. this year that excludes automobiles, fuel and food.

So Spend it if you got it! And enjoy! And if you DON'T, then be happy to just see people ya love this year, and eat good food and give lots of hugs out! That's my plan for this Christmas! <3