June 10th is approaching, and it's the last day for public input on a proposed massive wind farm project that would string turbines from Finley to and along the spine of the Horse Heaven Hills south of Kennewick.

Since last fall, a group called Save Our Ridges has been opposing the plan. Recently this spring, Benton County Commissioners held an information hearing to take public input.  Unfortunately, they do not have a legal say in the matter; it will be up to the Washington State Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council, or EFSEC.

They're the ones who approve or deny proposed energy projects, such as these, in our state.

The proposed Scout Energy project would place as many as 277 turbines over a 24 mile stretch from Finley up through the Horse Heaven Hills area.

The Benton County Commissioner's meeting yielded several hundred in-person and online comments, with over 80 percent being strongly opposed. One commenter called the turbines "butt ugly."

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Now, there's 9 days left for citizens to provide input to the EFSEC with your opinion.

One person who commented on the Save Our Ridges Facebook page mentioned they'd moved into the Finley area in 2002. He said within a few months, a handful of turbines went up in the area, and he compared their growth to "rabbits." Now, the area is littered with wind machines, and this person said his once beautiful view is now eroded with these machines.

Click on the link below to be taken to the EFSEC page where comments can be made.


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