The rumblings first began last October, or a bit earlier, about a proposed massive wind farm project that would stretch from Finley and along the spine of the Horse Heaven Hills south of Kennewick.

The massive project would place anywhere from 160 to 235 turbines in farmlands, and well within sight of many landowners and others who've fought to keep the views.

Tuesday, the Washington State Energy Site Evaluation Council will hold a public hearing at 5PM to gather input.

During a previous Benton County hearing held at the Justice Center in Kennewick about 80% of those who sent emails or commented in person or digitally were against the project.

A recent guest opinion in the Tri City Herald from a Scout Energy source claims Washington state cannot afford to play politics when it comes to renewable energy.

It's no secret Gov. Inslee is likely very much in favor of the project; despite our huge advantage with hydro electric (dams) and nuclear, Inslee wants more of these type of projects and solar.

The official permit, says the committee website, was filed on February 8th 2021.  The company, Scout Energy of Colorado, has long wanted such a project here.

It's encountering a lot of resistance from land owners and others who point out how similar projects in other areas have blighted the views, killed birds and caused nearby real estate values to drop.

For complete details about the hearing, and how to get your comments heard, click on the button below. Make sure all input is in by 5pm Tuesday.

Something we don't have a lot of, because of hydro and nuclear energy sources.


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