By now you've heard the remarkable story of our very own Big Bear, who shed a tremendous amount of weight with help from Ideal Protein. People who have not seen Big Bear in a long time do a double take, as he looks significantly different, he feels better, and now he can kick our fannies in basketball (he's pretty tall!).    The Ideal Protein plan which he did through Arbor Health Care has him feeling better than he has in years.

With that in mind, a little light-hearted fun, we came up with a list of jobs or occupations that Big Bear can now do in case he ever got tired of radio.  Not that it will ever happen,  but it's fun to think about.

Some of the new adventures he could pursue:

  • Radio Tower Climber (pictured in this story)
  • Olympic High Dive competitor
  • Wing Walker in the Airshow
  • Water slide tester at the factory
  • 24 hour marathon runner

While he might not be that interested in these,  the important part is that he was able to make a big health change, and thanks to Ideal Protein,   feels better than ever.   If you're interested in feeling and looking better (and improving your health) click here. It's never to late to change!  (And it's NOT just for women - guys,  step up for better health and happiness!)