Okay, so it’s a new year and this time you’re really going to do it. You’re going to get in shape and eat healthy, right? If you’re like me that motivation is easily replaced by "I don't have time, maybe tomorrow", and I revert back to old habits. Getting in shape and staying in shape isn’t easy. It wasn’t until I hit 40 that I actually made the commitment to change and I gradually began to feel and look better. I had to find a balance between work, kids, marriage, and other life responsibilities. I had to set a schedule and meal plan and stick to it. Even if it meant working out late at night or at the crack of dawn.

Here I am a couple of few years later and I’m literally in the best shape of my life. No brag, just a fact, I can run circles around most 20 somethings (no offense if you’re in your 20s).

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Pull ups!