Fathers and sons always seem to share some sort of resemblance with one another. But, dang, Jason Aldean and his son Memphis are taking that theory to a whole new level!

It's hard to deny the sharp resemblance between the two in a photo shared on Aldean’s wife Brittany's Instagram page Tuesday (July 30). The pic shows father and son, plus a little lovey that seems to go by the name of Hop Hop according to the caption. And yes, they look like twins! (The humans in the photo, that is. The stuffed animal has his own thing going on.)

In fact, many fans couldn’t help but comment on the crazy resemblance. What was even cuter were the comments from family members who just can’t get over how old Memphis looks in the pic, including his very own aunt.

“Mems is now a teenager...what the heck,” wrote Aldean's sister Kasi, who recently married Chuck Wicks in a beautiful ceremony in Mexico.

There's just too much to rave over. The vintage Police t-shirt that Memphis is wearing? It doesn’t get more adorable. And that kid's eyes? Well, let’s just say that they are downright mesmerizing. In fact, those eyes have been downright undeniable in a series of pics shared by Brittany as of late.

While Aldean and Memphis sure look alike, he also shares quite a resemblance to his mama also, who captioned a recent pic with the simple word “twins.”

Of course, its awesome that Aldean is getting to spend some precious time with his little boy, as the “Rearview Town” hit maker is currently out on his 2019 Ride All Night Tour alongside Kane Brown, Carly Pearce and Dee Jay Silver.

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