Many of you wonder what the HOV signs are if you're traveling on the West side. It's the fancy new term for "carpool lane."  This last week, fines for using them if you're by yourself went up by $50. BUT the fine for trying to 'trick' authorities has gone up by $200! And by trick, we really mean 'trick!'

Trooper Thorson, who's well known for his social media reports in Southeastern WA, posted these pictures on his Twitter page. These are actual photos of mannequins dressed up and used by 'gunner' drivers in an attempt to speed by everyone in the carpool lane.

It's amazing the efforts they went to. Virtually all of the more clever ones are 'female.' Although you may remember a couple of years ago, the guy busted in the HOV lane with a lifesize carboard cutout of the Dos Equis "Most Interesting Man in the World" in his front passenger seat.

For more updates and pictures on this story from Thorson's account, click on the button below.

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