Another small business in the Tri-Cities is forced to close their doors.

The Jackalope Bar & Grill had only been open for a few short months when the pandemic struck our nation. Owner, Laurie Winchel initially closed her doors and worked hard to find a way to open back up. The goal was to keep her girls busy enough so they would not have to go on unemployment. She did not qualify for the grants and loans due to the fact she had been open such a short time. She took out a personal loan to keep her bartenders paid forty hours a week, even though they would only be physically working twenty. The girls donated the other twenty hours to our community by volunteering to non-profit organizations, such as the food bank.

Unfortunately, the loan has been depleted and Laurie says she is "bleeding out" trying to do take out only. The plan is, once again close her doors temporarily, until Benton County qualifies for phase 2 reopening. They will remain open until June 12 and offering take-out food, drinks and cocktail kits.

Laurie took to her Facebook page to tell her supporters how grateful she is...

It’s with a heavy heart that we announce Friday June 12th will be our last day open until Phase 2. We have fought the good fight! We thought we could hang in there.
Thank you to everyone that has supported us since we have opened. Unfortunately at this point we have been shut down longer than we were open. Stop in this week for take out, to go drinks, and cocktail kits! See ya in Phase 2! ~Laurie

We wish Laurie, Emilie and all the girls of the Jackalope Bar & Grill the very best and hope to dine in with you soon!

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