Gov. Inslee announced Tuesday that five counties are moving to Phase 2, including Benton and Franklin Counties. Also Chelan, Douglas and Yakima.

Among the changes for us include:

  • Movie Theaters can open
  • Restaurants and bars can now go to 50% capacity
  • Churches-services now to 25 percent of capacity or 200 people whichever is less
  • wedding and funeral receptions allowed,   limit of 30 people
  • outdoor events such as races, guided tours, or what the state calls "group rides" are allowed.
  • barber shops and salons allowed to 50% capacity
  • convention centers at 30% for meetings, but no trade or craft shows.
  • bowling leagues and practice are now allowed.

Inslee also mentioned a new Washington Recovery Group, which apparently is a new plan to supposedly help the economy.

During Inslee's press conference he resumed and reiterated his warnings about events, gatherings, parties etc. etc. and super spreading.

He then turned to financial relief saying he and his staff are looking for ways to help the economy.  The Washington Recovery Group under the Office of Financial Management will be working with local governments, but won't be creating policy.

It's supposed to help the state coordinate recovery efforts...whatever that means.

He said the Group and decisions will be made, "guided by principles of equity and social justice as we make these decisions" (14:30 mark of video). He said this advisory group would guide agencies, situational awareness, and changing how we conduct business.  Much of the rest of the purpose of the group, however is not clear.

His verbage did not really make a lot of sense as to the exact clear cut purposes of the group.

One of the more humorous aspects of the conference was news that the Lt. Governor is in CA undergoing Jesuit training, and not drawing his salary. Apparently Inslee was not aware of his absence, he's been done for a number of weeks. Cyrus Habib had announced he was not seeking re-election, but pursuing faith training. HOWEVER, he's apparently been in CA since this summer.

Inslee was asked about a special session, but he kind of dodged the question, saying he'd cut over half a billion in spending. GOP legislators have been pushing for a special session for some time, contradicting Inslee's arguments. The state is facing a multi billion dollar shortfall.  Inslee claims we are in the "clear" this biennium (budget).

To watch the press conference for yourself click on the button below.

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