Laurie Winchel, the owner of the Jackalope Bar & Grill in Kennewick has had a rough ride. Don't get me wrong, we have all been on quite the roller coaster due to the Pandemic but she just keeps getting hit. But being hit when you are already so down is exhausting.

Laurie was forced to close her business that had only been open a few short months. Being such a new business she did not qualify for the grants and loans. She was able to reopen enough to do take-out, then eventually reopen the indoors and with the most recent set back she was forced to only outdoor dining and of course, it is December! She spent time and money setting up an outdoor dining area to make her customers warm and comfy and just try to stay afloat.

Laurie told me, "I am not making a dime (possibly losing money, depending on the day), I am only open so that my girls can pay their bills, feed their family and survive."

Sometime during the night on Sunday, her patio was vandalized. They are certain it was done by man or woman and not the wind, as some people seemed to speculate. They are hoping to be able to identify the individual or individuals involved. The frame had been completely ripped down and the tent was vandalized enough to put them out of commission for the day. Another day they had to spend closed down and another day they had to spend rebuilding. They are asking for your help. If you have any information please contact Laurie at We wish you the best Laurie and Crew!


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