KID issues irrigation warnings (KID)
KID issues irrigation warnings (KID)







All you have to do is try it once, and you will probably never do it again. Many who do, get rather sick (drinking canal water).

KID issues canal, irrigation safety information

    As area canals begin to fill, you've probably seen the big feeder ones full of water. One day they're empty, the next they're running at a fast pace.

The Kennewick Irrigation District, being the largest one in our area, will take the longest to complete the beginning of water deliveries.  Our region is full of these large canals that ribbon their way through neighborhoods and communities.

KID says safety near them is important:

"*Fast-moving water can knock you off your feet and carry you a long way, even if it’s only a foot deep!
*Swift undercurrents and turbulence can drag you under and keep you there, even if you are an excellent swimmer.
*The sides of a canal, whether concrete or dirt, are often steep and slippery, which makes them almost impossible to climb.
*Stay away from grates, culverts, and spillways. They can also be hazardous."
 The second leading cause of drowning in children, especially small kids, involves irrigation canals. Keep them away!
    And, don't drink the water. It's NOT just because it's raw Yakima River water, with all sorts of dirt, microbes, and even some pesticides, but area irrigation districts treat their canals with anti-vegetation sprays. They're not deadly but can make you rather sick.
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   This includes the water from the faucet in your yard. It may 'look' clear, but it's not.
KID expects to have full water deliveries to all its consumers by mid to late April.

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