Franklin County irrigation canal (FCSO)
Franklin County irrigation canal (FCSO)

A weekend reminder from Franklin County Deputies.

Officers talk with a group of kids seen playing right next to irrigation canal.

Over the weekend, some Franklin County Deputies spoke with a group of kids who they saw playing right next to a major feeder canal near Chapel Hill/Argent, Road 52/Saratoga and Road 60/Pimlico.

Although they were not in the water, they were close enough the Deputies felt they needed a safety reminder.

Now that most areas have full irrigation, the need to remind people to stay away from canals is important.

 In 2021 3 people drowned in area canals.

 Last year, three people died in canal-related accidents, all involving people swimming in or playing very close to fast-moving canals. One of the victims was a small girl who was pulled under the surface of a catch pond by pump suction, two others were swimming.  Two of the victims, a 44-year-old man, and a younger man died within 24 hours of each other. All of these happened in lower Grant County.

The Department of Health says drowning is the second-highest cause of accidental death in children ages 1-17.

As the weather warms, it can seem tempting to want to jump into a canal, often they don't look 'that dangerous,' But most of the larger ones have slick concrete sides which are hard to climb especially with fast-moving water.

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There are also lots of swirling undercurrents that can snap you off your feet. These currents make the rivers in our area seem mild.

  Stay out of the canals, stay away from canals, and stay safe. 


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