Okay so today I got up real early and hiked the back side of Badger Mountain with my two dogs and a friend and it WAS AWESOME! I can see why people love to do that!

What a great way to start the day!

It was real foggy and cloudy and kind of misty out but it was actually very pleasant. It's a great hike! Not too hard and not too long. Took us about an hour! I only snapped a few pics because you couldn't really see much cause of the fog. The pic of my dogs asleep on their beds was after the hike! Yay! Maybe they won't be so eager to chew up stuff if I do that with them everyday!

If you know me...you know I HATE the cold! And it's difficult for me to get motivated to exercise out in it. Last year though, I bought some real good layer clothing from REI that keeps me really warm! So I have no excuse!

I think I'm going to plan on doing it everyday! That should help get me in shape right? Then I think I'm going to start doing HOT Bikram Yoga again...Love that too!

What are you doing this winter to get/stay in shape?

Post your reply! Cause I'm nosey...and I just am really curious what works for other people! Thanks, ~Faith