Still a lot of unanswered questions about a tragic double fatal crash that occurred sometime early Thursday morning about 8 miles south of Kennewick on I-82.

Trooper C. Thorson of the Washington State Patrol, who is the public information officer for our region, said they were alerted to the crash around 6 am.

WSP at fatal crash scene (WSP Trooper Thorson Twitter)
WSP at fatal crash scene (WSP Trooper Thorson Twitter)

A semi-driver called to report he saw a vehicle down an embankment off the highway, and the nearby guardrail was broken. Thorson did not say if the driver witnessed the crash, or just saw the car well down the hill.

It's not known yet how long the vehicle may have been there.

WSP Troopers at the scene found two persons dead inside the car. It had apparently plunged off the road, through the guardrail, and down the steep embankment. Officials didn't say if airbags were deployed or offer any other crash details.

Inside the vehicle, one of the occupants was an adult, the age of the other person is not known.

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Because the car is well off the road, traffic is not being impeded from the eastbound crash. That would mean the vehicle was headed towards Oregon.

Authorities say it may take hours to get the car towed back up onto the shoulder and then taken in for further investigation by crash experts.

We expect more information soon.


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