I've lived in the Tri-Cities for about seven years...and whenever I travel I-82 I always have the same question. "What is this old, abandoned building and what was it used for?" It's located just south of Kennewick. Ok, so it's my husband who's been asking about it lately since he passes by the building every day on his way to and from work. If you know, feel free to answer on our app.

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Naturally, I'm bringing this to the smartest people I know...You! Before, though, I did post on Facebook. There are some smart people there, as well. I was glad to see that a few others were interested in knowing about the building, too.

One response from Dallin Eppich Benson was quite interesting:

After some research, it seems that it may be a very old family grain elevator. I have some calls out to a few people.

And, Ashleigh had a good answer. She suggested a visit to the East Benton County historical Society.

One thing I've learned from our Facebook readers is that not only are they smart, they really have active imaginations and are really wonderful storytellers. (Or, wanna' be comedians)

I also asked about the Finley Ghost some time ago. This is also interesting and entertaining. Enjoy!

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