The buzz around Yellowstone has led to many people asking where, or how, they can watch the hit show this fall. Below is everything you need to know about how to watch Yellowstone Season 5, plus how to catch up on Yellowstone Seasons 1-4.

Different streaming platforms offer different seasons, which makes it a bit confusing if you're wanting to binge from the beginning. Furthermore, the options are different for those wanting to watch in Canada. Currently there is not a totally free way to watch Yellowstone, but we found an option that's pretty close.

How to Watch Yellowstone Seasons 1-4:

Seasons 1-3 of Yellowstone include 39 episodes that follow John Dutton and his family as they take any measure necessary to protect their Montana land and way of life. It's raw, often violent and certainly not for small children. It's also gripping action and drama — and some of the best acting on the small screen! An extended break between seasons 3 and 4 created a grassroots fervor for the show. Suddenly fans who thought Yellowstone was only a park want in on this action.

You cannot watch old episodes of Yellowstone on Paramount+, even though new episodes air on Paramount Network. Watch Seasons 1-4 on Peacock, NBC's streaming app. It costs $4.99 a month, but if you want it without advertisements, you'll need to go to Peacock Premium Plus at $9.99 a month. However, Xfinity internet customers can likely get the free Xfinity Flex box, which comes with Peacock at no cost. It's a fortunate perk for those who only want Yellowstone, but it doesn't solve all of your problems, because ...

How to Watch Season 5 of Yellowstone (Nov. 13):

Yellowstone's new episodes run on the Paramount Network, which is a part of most cable packages. However, if you've cut the cord, you'll have to figure out another way. There is no totally free option, but we'll get to the one a la carte offering in a moment.

First, here are all of the services that include the Paramount Network. If you have one of these, you're in:

attachment-yellowstone channels screenshot
Parmount Network

How to Watch a Single Episode of Yellowstone:

Amazon Prime may be the best bet for single-use customers — there you can download any existing episode for $2.99, or an entire season for $14.99. It's not clear how quickly episodes of Season 5 will be available on Amazon Prime, or at Google Play and iTunes. Season 4 episodes were made available the next day.

How to Watch Yellowstone in Canada:

International fans of Yellowstone don't have all of the same options as viewers in the United States, unfortunately. A post at Tom's Guide outlines what viewers in Canada and Australia can do to access the series. Season 5 of Yellowstone will be available in Canada and the U.K. and each country's respective Paramount+ channel. Once again, we'll stress that this is not an option in the United States.

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The luxury retreat also features a baseball field, a sledding hill, an ice rink, multiple hot tubs and views of the Continental Divide. The ranch property comfortably sleeps 27 people, and it's currently available to rent for 36,000 a night.

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