We've been doing some serious landscaping around our house, and now we find ourselves with extra room for plants and flowers. We love our Zinnias and our Delphinium, but I'm thinking we could use some Dahlias!

There's a place in Kennewick called Columbia River Dahlias at 3807 South Cascade Street. Since there was a pretty good chance for a killing frost this morning, today may be the last day to buy fresh cut dahlias there.

But what I'm more interested in our their tubers or bulbs, which they also sell at that location. I'm not really sure if they need to go in the ground now to be ready for spring, or if I should put them in the ground at the start of spring. Fortunately, the nice folks at Columbia River Dahlias is also have a YouTube channel and explain that. I've posted the video below. So here comes the cooler fall weather and soon-to-be winter, but I'm looking forward to spring flowers!



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