It's not often you hear of anything being sold on the "honor system" these days and actually this is the first time I have ever even heard of floral arrangements being offered via the honor system. So it makes you wonder, does this work? Are people honest and where on earth can I find these creations? Well the answer is yes, yes and Benton City!

There is a cute little farm in Benton City that specializes in flowers and the creation of beautiful floral arrangements. It is not just a flower farm but also a floral "shop" so to speak, but it's not your typical floral shop! These flowers are grown right here on the farm, cut and turned into beautiful bouquets for the town to enjoy. They are then set just off the side of the road at the designated "selling spot" where you can chose your perfect bouquet and pay!

By pay, I mean just leave what is owed! There is no cashier, it is all done using the good old fashion honor system! Jennie Weltz is the owner, the florist and the farmer, a true one woman show! The bouquets range from $10 to $15, which is a STEAL of a price if you have ever bought a floral basket or a bouquet arrangement!

She also offers buckets of flowers for customers who have a DIY project, like a wedding or large parties and sells her flowers to local designers. Jennie is busy cutting and arranging to get ready for her last push before the flowers are done for the year. Her last big weekend of the year will be October 15,16 and 17th, where she will be all stocked up with the beautiful colors of the fall. She will be offering unique, gorgeous fall pumpkin arrangements and I recommend you do not hesitate to swing by early to be sure you get your hands on one of these beauties! Jennie's River Road Flowers can be located at 65105 N 56 PR, Benton City Washington.

From Benton City - turn Right on Hamilton - turn right on 56PR - you will see the farm stand at the end of the drive. Remember, she will not be stocked up and ready until October 15th, but we hope you go and check out this unique, small town experience!
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