I had the chance to sit down on the phone this afternoon to talk with comedian Frances Dilorinzo who by the way is coming to Joker's in Richland Nov 1-3. Now you may say "OK big deal" another comic at Jokers. This comedian is special! This wraps up breast cancer awareness month and Frances is a breast cancer survivor.

Frances DiLorenzo now lives in Los Angeles CA. but heralds from Northern Michigan from a big italian family! She has been a stand-up comic for over 18 years and just a few years ago discovered a lump. She has been cancer free now for three years but being a comic she came to develop a comic routine to raise awareness about breast cancer.

You can see Fances DiLorenzo at Jokers in Richland for 1/2 price by entering this promo code RADIO at Joker's website for the Thursday night show.

She is hilarious! The clip has been over 3,000,000 times on Youtube and you will have a ton of laughs enjoying the very funny Frances DiLorenzo at Jokers in Richland November 1-3rd!

Listen to Bear's interview with Frances DiLorenzo!

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