Phil Kopczynski has performed comedy at clubs from Vancouver, BC, to Orlando, FL and points between. His DryBar special has been viewed over a million times. And, according to his bio, his Comedy Dynamics special "has been seen by 100's of prisoners."

Phillip Kopczynski
Phillip Kopczynski

Since Phil is based in Spokane, I thought I'd see how he likes to spend his summers in Washington state. "Who doesn't love summer?" Phil asks, rhetorically. "Like I say, Pacific Northwest, you've got to get out and enjoy it!"

Maybe you can relate.

Go Scouting with the Kids

Photo by JV on Unsplash
Photo by JV on Unsplash

Phil: Our youngest son is in scouts. And summer is huge. He's doing a 50 mile canoe trip in a week, he goes on camp-outs every month... It's a big time for the scouting, y'know. And every year around June, the Father's Day weekend, there's a whitewater rafting trip. And this year we had to wear wetsuits because it was so cold.

Dan: In Seattle, you have to wear a wetsuit pretty much any time you want to get in the water.

Phil: Yeah, but that's a different world. They're wearing wetsuits to protect themselves from COVID in the grocery store.

Get on a Boat

Photo: John Thomas on Unsplash
Photo: John Thomas on Unsplash

Phil: I'm doing a lot of boating, 'cause I got scammed into that.

Dan: What does that mean, "scammed"?

Phil: Well, if you live in the Pacific Northwest, and you own a boat, you got duped.

Dan: There are good summers here. You have time to use your boat.

Phil: You've got June, July, August. That's three months. Every time I pull the boat out of the water, I'm like, what did I do? Did I use this 12 times this year? 

Dan: How warm does it have to be for you to justify putting the boat out on the water?

Phil: Doesn't matter. I put it out on Memorial Day. This year, Memorial Day weekend had a low of 45 degrees. I had my kids tubing, and it got to the point where I was like, "guys, I've got to stop. I'm too cold. "

Dan: (laughing): You're out on the water, and they're doing the Polar Bear Plunge, or whatever that's called.

Phil: The Polar Plunge. Yeah, they do the Polar Plunge on June 19th. (laughs)

Enjoy the Heat (While You've Got It)

Phil Kopczynski
Phil Kopczynski

Phil: Last year was a great year, because it was it was so hot and sunny.

Dan: (joking): People were dying in their homes, but it was a good year for boats.

Phil: Oh, dude, yeah. People are  having the mobile rehydration units come to their house, I'm out on the lake just like, "BEST SUMMER EVER!" Breathing in the smoke 

Phil: Last year was so warm, it was the first year that I peed into the lake to cool it off.

Dan: (laughing): How long have you been holding on to that joke?

Phil: For about 30 minutes. I'm like, "Oh, we're going to talk to Dan. I've got to do some kind of pee joke here."

Last year was so warm, it was the first year that I peed into the lake to cool it off.

Phil: I'm like, This is the best! It'll never end. Gas was cheap. I'm driving around with gas cans, giving it away, you know? This year gas is expensive. Maybe it'll get all these idiots off the lake.

Dan: Oh, the idiots don't care, dude.

What to Expect from Comedian Phil Kopczynski 

Phil: Well, I worry, as people see my DryBar (special), they're like. "I'm going to see this wholesome guy do comedy at a nightclub."  So to be clear, this is going to be different. This is the "Wet Bar" tour.

Where to See Comedian Phil Kopczynski 

Phil Kopczynski
Phil Kopczynski

Phil Kopczynski is at Joker's Comedy Club in Richland this Friday and Saturday at 7:30pm.

And here's his calendar of all upcoming shows.

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