A couple of weeks ago we brought home some ears of corn from the grocery store and were sorely disappointed. During dinner, my wife and I both looked at each other and said I guess we'll just have to wait until the good local corn comes out. It's just like buying a watermelon in the grocery store before all of the watermelons from Pasco to Hermiston are ready here. Those that appear in the stores before out local produce is ready are shipped in from California or somewhere and just not as delicious! Then the other day I saw somebody post on Facebook that they just got some Kallstrom sweet corn and were so delighted. The comments on that post kind of baffled me because I'd never heard of Kallstrom sweet corn. Everybody was posting about how much they love it.  I'm not new here, but what's this all about? Why am I late to the corn party? At first, I thought Kallstrom was a certain breed or crop of corn that has eluded me. But it turns out it's from Kallstrom Farms in Ephrata. The family there is famous for their sweet corn and I'm just now hearing about it? Some folks say the corn is so good that it 'makes butter taste better.'

So we've made plans to do a little garage sale-ing on Saturday morning, followed by a trip to Ephrata or maybe just Moses Lake to get some sweet corn! The Kallstrom Sweet Corn Facebook Page tells you what locations are currently open.

In fact, their corn is so popular somebody even wrote a song about it!

I'm gonna have to dust off the vacu-sealer because I'm pretty sure we'll come home with enough to freeze so we can enjoy it this winter.



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