The movie RUN, starring Sarah Paulson is a perfect thriller for those of us wanting the fright factor upon Halloween. You might recognize Paulson from the series, American Horror Story. Believe it or not, RUN contains a reference to Pasco.

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Although the movie was filmed in Canada, it's satisfying for us in Tri-Cities to watch.

The film is streaming on Hulu. See if you catch it.

In doing a quick Google search for movies made in Tri-Cities, a few came up, including the film mentioned in the above article, Hello, My Name is Frank. While filming in New Mexico, The Half-Life of Genius Physicist Raemer Schreiber was also shot at Hanford, as Schreiber was recruited for the Manhattan Project. It's a pretty interesting watch.

While we're at it, we may as well give credit to a young filmmaker who is from a small town in WA. Connor McFarlane enjoys making short films of action figures and has actually made a couple of movies about superheroes. Swerv The Movie was filmed in Tri-Cities. Swerv is a superhero out of a comic book making his way in the real world. Swerv joins a band and fights crime.

Connor got his film to the theatre. He says that movies are meant to entertain.

I must admit, it's really very cool seeing local landmarks on the screen.

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