An inmate facing a court hearing in Benton County at the Justice Center just off of Canal in Kennewick decided to try the 400 meter dash to the parking lot. He made it about 390 meters.

Around 2:30pm, Bryan L. Hodges was going to appear in court, some procedural matters pertaining to his case. Authorities did not say what he was being held for, but he decided to test his Usain Bolt skills.

Hodges sprinted from the court room, through the security gate, and made it to the parking lot before several Sheriff's deputies and two Washington State Patrol troopers 'halted' his progress. To compound matters, he was brought back in, and is now facing escape charges which will likely add to his sentence.

It was noted by Benton County Deputies that he was wearing his brown jail outfit and silver handcuffs as he bolted.  Not hard to spot or bring down. Cops 1, would be sprinter, -0-. These pictures were captured from the closed circuit security cameras.

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