When I grow my garden, I make sure to plant allot of different things, but the most anticipated things are cucumbers, tomatoes, and radishes. There is nothing like a fresh cucumber, peeled and eaten with a little Lowry'a seasoning salt, or sliced up and put in a big bowl of water and vinegar with onions.





Another favorite is ripe red tomatoes. Pick them off the vine and eat them like an apple with a little salt.


Nothing beats fresh sliced tomatoes on white bread with mustard, and thick sliced bologna. Growing up we couldn't wait for the first frost because any tomatoes still on the vine were fair game for throwing at one another.







You would think digging up something out of the ground wouldn't have much taste, but the radish puts all of that to rest. I love pulling a fresh radish out of the ground, brushing off the dirt and popping that baby into your mouth and crunch, crunch, crunch. Best stored in a bowl of water, kept in the fridge, and are very tasty in a salad.

All of these vegetables can be grown locally, right here in the Tri-Cities, in your own back yard.


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